Hokkaido University
Center for Human Nature,
Artificial Intelligence,
and Neuroscience

2021.3.22 Release


Emotion and Prediction Online Workshop | 31 March – 1 April 2021 12h-14h GMT

Speakers: Regina Fabry, Daphne Demekas, Slawa Loev, Pablo Fernández, Mark Miller, Abby Tabor, José M. Araya


Emotion permeates all mental life – it is a reflection of how we are faring in our various pursuits, it imbues our activities and our environments with meaning and purpose, and it motivates and modulates our behaviours. We are emotional creatures through and through. While there has been a tremendous amount of work done on this topic, to date an integrative account capable of unifying the various theoretical perspectives and experimental results is still lacking.

Recently, a possible unifying account of cognition (and perhaps emotion) has begun to emerge within computational neuroscience. According to the so-called predictive processing framework the brain is constantly attempting to minimize the discrepancy between its sensory expectations and its actual incoming sensory signals. This framework offers an architecture in which distinct functions can be explained at their different time-scales by the same computational principles, and where distinct theories can find a common language, which brings fruitful modelling advantages. As such it is quickly becoming an attractive way of carrying out theoretical and experimental research in cognitive science.

More recently this framework has most recently begun to serve as the architectural basis for an exciting and very promising new account of feelings, emotions and moods. This workshop will bring together philosophers and cognitive scientists working on predictive processing and emotion in order to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue about the nature of emotion in predictive system like us.