Hokkaido University
Center for Human Nature,
Artificial Intelligence,
and Neuroscience

International workshop

The free energy principle of the brain: experiments and verification

We are pleased to invite you to an online two-day workshop on the free energy principle and active inference, focusing on its experimental verification and biological implementation. The time is set for EU/UK and East Asia. 


Workshop title: The free energy principle of the brain: Experiments and verification

Date: 2021 Dec 13 (Mon) and 14 (Tue)

Place: Online (Registration required)



Invited Speakers and Titles:

Takuya Isomura (RIKEN CBS) Active inference and the emergence of sentient behaviour

Hitoshi Okamoto (RIKEN CBS) Zebrafish as a model animal for studying active inference

Beren Millidge (U Oxford) The FEP, Predictive Coding, and Backpropagation in the Brain

Rafal Bogacz (U Oxford) Dopamine: precision of action selection or prediction error

Naoki Honda (Hiroshima U) Decoding reward-curiosity conflict in probabilistic bandit task

Miguel Aguilera (Sussex U) When can we interpret organisms as performing Bayesian inference?

Jun Tani (OIST) Cognitive Neurorobotics Study Using the Free Energy Principle

Ken-ichi Amemori (Kyoto U) Neuroscientific and computational basis of anxiety in primates: conflict decision and risk aversion

Rosalyn Moran (King’s Colledge London) Active Inference from Neurobiology to Blackjack



Hideaki Shimazaki, CHAIN Hokkaido University

Masatoshi Yoshida, CHAIN Hokkaido University

Mark Miller, CHAIN Hokkaido University

Takuya Isomura, RIKEN CBS

Naoki Honda, Hiroshima U

Christopher Buckley, Sussex U