Hokkaido University
Center for Human Nature,
Artificial Intelligence,
and Neuroscience


From Artificial Failure to Artificial Perception

日時 4/28(Wed) 16:30-18:00
場所 Zoom online seminar (registration required)
言語 English
発表者 Lana Sinapayen
所属 Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.


From Artificial Failure to Artificial Perception


Complex systems fail. I argue that the nature of these failures can be a blueprint characterizing living organisms and biological intelligence.Perception offers a convenient testbed for this idea: Artificial Intelligence has been focused on reproducing hman’s perceptual successes in object recognition, classification, and video prediction. However, in reality, human perception has numerous flaws, some of which are shared with other animals; perception has not evolved to reach perfect accuracy, but to be useful. Through the example of perceptual illusions and memory failures, I will try to convince you that imitating biological successes can be misleading; and that imitating failures offers a path towards understanding and emulating intelligence in artificial systems.